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Vasilije Števin was born in summer, on April the 6.  1955th in Mokrin, Kikinda, Zrenjanin district, AP Vojvodina. As the only male child in the family  I had all the privileges during my childhood and here I mean spending a lot of time with my grandfather Ljubo, who loved tamburitzas and good wine very much. During these years our visits to restorans and coffee-houses were unforgettable, and especially listening  how tamburitzans are showing their artistic skills by playing this magical instrument. In summer,  I woke up many times from the deep sleep  at the sound of  tamburitzas from the street, where the boys were accompanied by  tamburitzans in a quiet and peaceful night. Since then, I love tamburitzas up today and I can not leave them any more.
After many years, in eighties of the last century, by coincidence I met one of the most famous luthiers of tamburitzas, Mr. Bocan Lajos from Senta, with residence in the street Jovana Cvijica No.30. By nature of my work in thus times I had to travel to Senta very often and every time I visited him so I started to build tamburitzas too.Of course, with his help, criticism, and sometimes with some compliment. Unfortunately, Mr.Bocan has died at age of 88 and left us, but he left some of his knowledge. Then I experienced how much I miss the great master of his handcraft!

Up till end of our life we have to learn our handcraft continuously, without stopping.  I read a lot of literature, but not to build tamburitzas, literature describes how  to build violins. Complementing my modest knowledge, after many years I began to build bas prims (brac) with the arched back

modeled on the violin, without the lower three

beams inside, as standard for the back of violins. This course proved a big hit, instrument gets louder, nicer tone and fast "pronunciation".

Here's how this bass prim with the arched back sounds:

I work with high quality materials: spruce from the mountain "Šator", classic and grouse spruce , which is the top of quality. Also I use spruce from the mountain Ostrelj, striped maple and birdseye maple.


Also, I have made a few instruments of shell maple. Shell maple is one of the rarest species of maple.

I have also used Canadian nut which proved to be great for prim tamburitza. All instruments which I have made are polished with SHELLACK POLISH. This is so called a professional French polishing that takes a long time, and requires high heat and low humidity in the air, and for that reason, all instruments should be polished in summer. My  instruments can be found on almost all continents, except Africa and China. I accept the special orders too, and also a couple of instruments wth unique look I gave to my  friends as a present. As I said, every instrument is story for itself, in which has been invested a lot of love and patience.

Here's how this prim - tamburitza made by luthier Vasa sounds: (This is the prim - tamburitza made of Canadian nut from the image above)


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LUTHIER VASA gives away a tamburitza of his make to award winner for the best prim - tamburitza player in the competition "BISERNICA Janika Balaz" - VIDEO:

How this beautiful instrument sounds, you can see and hear in this video:

And now, one "CSARDAS" in a very "hot" tempo "...